PS to turn the scene character into a dark blue

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Effect Chart:

Step one, first open the original image, into the main interface, found that the original image itself is very dim, where we appropriate to the layer to a bright, copy an original, copy the layer of the blending mode from normal to soft light, so that the photo can be transparent. As shown in the figure:

Step two, click "Image-Adjust-curve", in the open curve parameters to select red channel pressure red, so that the photo has a dark, hair cyan, hair through the effect of effective reduction of the original original in the overall red effect. As shown in the figure:

Step three, adjust the red curve, then select the blue channel above the curve, enhance the blue permeability, deepen the overall blue effect of the picture, is the overall flat blue more prominent, so that the picture more thorough. As shown in the figure:

Step four, of course, here in order to make the character effect to do a bit more real, in the curve parameter adjustment to select the appropriate "RGB" will be a little darker layer, so that the color of the photo more dignified. As shown in the figure:

Step five, this is unilateral only adjust the color of the characters, so that the character color appropriate has a change neutral color hair yellowish effect. Click "Image-Adjust-select hue/Saturation", in the open Hue Saturation window to adjust the parameter value, the red channel hue saturation of the specific adjustment parameters as shown in the following figure:

Step six, after the above operation, found that the character's background color is too eye-catching, and then in the next step, let the background darker some show a bit more real. We use the Lasso tool to pull out the character selection, the character selection for the "image-adjust-level", the Pop-up Color Level dialog box output settings as shown in the following figure:

Step seven, click and execute "image-adjust-choose hue/saturation", the overall hue/saturation, select the Cyan channel, the hue and saturation and brightness of the above parameters are modified, as shown in the figure:

Step eight, the final USM sharpening, click on "Filter-sharpening--USM sharpening", the parameters set to number 50, radius 2, width of 0, so that the picture more prominent effect. Now we are looking at the overall effect, and found that the difference between the original and the original is out. As shown in the figure:

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