PS trick to pull up the lure of peach skin

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Many people say that portrait photography depends on the later tonal adjustment, the photos taken out of the dim mute How to do? This issue of Digital late lecturer sister Pei to share a peach skin color of the later tutorial!

01: Open the picture, perform the image/Adjustment/curve.

02: Point Curve-Automatic.

(In the right column of the curve in the red box)

03: Click on the background layer, the right mouse button click, pop-up dialog box, click the duplicate layer.

04: Change the layer mode of the top background copy to filter color.

05: Select the visible layer, right mouse click, click the merge visible layer.

06: Execute the Curve command and adjust the brightness of the picture appropriately. The parameters are shown in the figure.

07: Use the Lasso tool to select the darker part of the character and feather it, and the feather value is 50 pixels.

08: Hide the selection (the shortcut key is Ctrl+h) to perform the color order, the level adjustment as shown in the figure.

Note: Color curves and levels in this tutorial play a role in adjusting the brightness of the screen and the balance of skin color.

09: Optional Color: Parameters as shown: color--Cyan Cyan +100 Magenta-26 Yellow-100 Black is the default value.

Note: This step is optional color adjustment, mainly for the background color to adjust, the purpose is to make the background more refreshing and bluer. How to understand the optional color, I can make a simple exposition: for example, in this step, we edit the color is cyan, then why in the editor of the Cyan Magenta-26, yellow-100? As we all know, magenta's complementary color is green, the yellow complementary color is blue, that is, how much magenta is subtracted, is equivalent to how many green added, also minus how much yellow, is equal to add how much blue, then plainly, is in the editor's cyan Riga 26 green and 100 blue. If you understand this principle, the future of the channel mixer to adjust the color is easy to understand.

10: Edit-Blue, the parameters are as follows: Cyan +100 Magenta-11 yellow-100 black For default value, click OK.

11: Optional color adjustment, or feel the sky is not blue, and then continue to perform the optional color. The parameters are as follows: color--cyan; Cyan +100 Magenta-18 yellow-100 Black +48


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