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Hello, everyone! I am Guigui (dearsalt), this time for you to bring a case of Photoshop synthesis tutorial, robot synthesis in our daily life is still more common, robot synthesis with its unique style by many people's favorite. In fact, making a simple robot synthesis for beginners is not very difficult, but if you want to make outstanding effect, you must practice more, serious study of human skeleton structure, but also need to have the basis of painting, in short, from a simple beginning, step-by-step, one day will achieve their own pursuit of the height!

Final effect

First, the brain storm:

First of all, in the mind imagine the appearance of the picture, and then according to their own want to extract a few keywords, we can enjoy to imagine, and then according to these several key words again to divergent thinking.

Second, Inspiration Collection:

It is very helpful to collect some excellent works of the same kind on the Internet and to learn their excellent place. When you do not grasp the color of the time can be more suction their color, to find an excellent design style reference is a good start.

Third, the finishing material:

Find the pain of the material we all know, but when you determine the key words to a lot faster, of course, this also depends on a certain amount of luck and time.

Iv. Preliminary Preparation:

1, a new width of 2500 pixels, high 3750 pixel canvas, drag the character material into and adjust the position, and then use the Repair tool, repair the black spots on the back, and finally choose a skin of your favorite way to wear skin treatment.

< small map view big picture >

2, merge the visible layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E), use the Pen tool to pull the image processing, in this case, hair can not be too careful, because the back to be replaced.

3, create a new radial gradient background layer, center color value: #f1ede8, peripheral color value: #d8d2c8.

V. Processing of the head:

Head processing for the following several processes, drawing shapes, placing mechanical materials, add inner shadow, add high light, add color processing.


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