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This is a font tutorial. It can also be said that the font specialization, we are today to the ordinary font into three-dimensional folded paper font. Now let's start with the tutorial and want to open the effect diagram:

First step:

First fill a background, color for #333333, and then put us on the letter, they can be arbitrary, I have used my domain name pspsd, we choose the font when possible to choose coarse ore point font. This is easier to do and better to look at.

As shown in Figure 1

Step Two:

Then fill our favorite color, I am here to fill is blue (partial green) #00aeb7, orange #ff9900, dark red #ba0000, green grass #01ad4e, yellowish #fede58.

As shown in Figure 2

Step Three:

Here, we will officially start making text, we first pull the auxiliary line. Why to pull the string, here I do not say, to the back in tell you. Here we can adjust the height of the font to the same, directly pull high.

As shown in Figure 3

Fourth Step:

Let's start with the P word, and first we have to set the horizontal and vertical width of the p word to be the same and then put the same. P-Grid, right-click to select P-word > select raster text. Then create a new layer, create a new rectangle, and put it on the P word. Then one at a time and high profile well. Then the transparency of the rectangle can be lowered when making the horizontal.

As shown in Figure 5

Sixth step:

After the completion of the fifth step is such an effect, we have seen the yes how so that look, don't worry, then we will put it into the effect we want. Select the Pen tool, and then follow the diagram to turn the square in front into a chestnut. Remember to hold down the SHIFT key so that the 90° or 45° angle (1) is automatically present. After drawing, use the ctrl+enter of the keyboard to delete this piece. The corners below are also done in this way. Finish a few steps above

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