PS Tutorial: Repair locally severely darker photos

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The processing needs to use some external filters, if necessary, can go to the Internet to download.

Maybe it's a girl's deal. The characters ' local details are handled very well. And the color is also adjusted more mellow. Exemplary course. The processing needs to use some external filters, if necessary, can go to the Internet to download.


Final effect

1, open the original material, the background layer to copy a layer, and then observe the photos, I chose this photo as a result of the sun issue of the characters too dark, so we first break the light and shade relationship.

2. Execution: Image > Adjustment > Shadow/Highlight, parameter default, confirm and then execute once: Image > Adjust > Shadow/Highlight, Shadow Quantity to: 30%, the effect is as follows figure.

3, create a new layer, press CTRL + ALT + Shift + E-stamped layer, execute: filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, the value is 1, determine after the layer blending mode to "soft light", layer opacity to: 30%, the effect of the following figure.

4. Create a new layer, seal the layer, use Pen tool to hook up the character skin part, carry on the simple character to reduce the noise to grind the skin, choose Noiseware Filter, the parameter sets the following figure.

5, Next we further palette, select menu: Image > Mode > Lab color, choose not to flatten, and then create a curve adjustment layer, the parameter set the following figure.

6, back to RGB mode (Image > Mode > RGB color), select the skin part of the characters to adjust, using the optional color, parameters as shown below.

7, Next we do some palette, here into Lab mode (Image > Mode > Lab color), choose not to flatten, adjust the curve, the following figure.

8, back to RGB mode, and then adjust the optional color, parameter settings as shown below, determine the appropriate layer to sharpen again, complete the final effect.

Final effect:

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