PS Tutorial to quickly remove text watermark words on the picture

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One, use the Clone Stamp tool to remove text

This is a more commonly used method, the specific action is to select the Clone Stamp tool, hold down the ALT key, in the text-free area to click on a similar color name pattern sampling, and then drag the mouse in the text area to copy to overwrite the text.

Note that the sampling point is the starting point for the replication. Selecting a different brush diameter will affect the scope of the drawing, and different brush hardness will affect the edge fusion effect of the drawing area.

Second, use the Patching tool to remove text

If the background color or pattern of the picture is more consistent, it is more convenient to use the patching tool

To do this: Select the Patch tool, select the patch as "source" in the public column, and turn off the "transparent" option. Then use the Patch tool to select the text, drag to a text-free area where the color or pattern is similar, release the mouse to complete the copy.

The patch tool has the ability to automatically match colors, and the effect of replication is more integrated with the surrounding color, which is not available in the Clone Stamp tool.

Use the Healing Brush tool to remove text

The method of operation is similar to the Clone Stamp tool. Hold down the ALT key, click a similar color or pattern sample in the no text area, and then drag the mouse copy in the text area to overwrite the text, but the healing brush tool, like the patching tool, also has the function of automatically matching color, which can be selected according to the need.

Iv. Borrowing Graph method

In some cases, the box to select a text-free area of similar graphics (or patterns), press the CTRL+J key to copy it into the new layer, and then use the deformation tool to distort it, directly to cover the text will be faster.

V. Application of Vanishing Point filter method

You can apply the vanishing point filter for some of the stronger-looking images (such as floors).

The action method in the legend is to select the text area to be processed by the box, (prevent parts outside the selection from being overwritten) to execute the menu command: Filter-Vanishing point, and enter the vanishing Point filter edit interface.

1, select the left tool bar in the Creation Panel tool, from the floor tile seam intersection, along the gap, followed by four points, connected into a perspective of the rectangle. Then drag its sideline to the right and underneath to expand, so that the panel completely overwrites the text.

2, select the Stamp tool on the left toolbar, alt-click Select Source image Point, Green Cross red, drag in the text area to complete the copy.

Six, ctrl+alt+ direction key

Some background color vertical gradient color icon, there is a convenient way to remove text.

Methods: Using the Long shape Marquee tool to make a selection in the text-free area, the selection should not be too wide and the height should be higher than the text. Then hold down the ctrl+alt+ direction key until the text is completely overwritten

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