PS uses a double brush to draw a smooth dotted line

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Double Brush affair: In fact, we have played this game almost hours, it is to put two pens in hand, draw two lines, but you those two pens who can not restrain who. The edit brush in the brush tip shape from the pen constraint in the double brush in the tone panel.

Result diagram

1, open the Brush palette, select the brush tip contour items, select 19 pixel hard Edge brush, default as shown in the following figure. If there are other selections on the brush palette, such as dynamic shape, will be eliminated. This is for the body odor in addition to other options affected.

2, as shown in the following figure drag the Spacing slider, you can see the original continuous curve into a string of beads.

3, open the "double brush" item, select a 19-pixel brush, test test drag diameter and spacing slider, as if nothing big change, but should be able to see the bead has flash, this is because the default mode for "color deepening" reason.

4. Change the mode to "multiply the bottom", then drag the "diameter" slider to the left and cut the brush size. The dotted line came out, but it seemed to defy the slippery.


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