PS uses custom brushes to make realistic snow effects

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The tutorial process is not very detailed, but the idea is very clear: first define a brush, and then set the desired effect in the brush preset, and then in the need to increase the number of snowflakes on the picture, the brush on multiple layers, and fuzzy and dynamic blur filter to make levels and dynamic effect can be.


Final effect

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1, the first to make 500p*500p size of the brush, as follows.

2, set brush size and intensity and so on (according to their preferences, the following as a reference).

In order: Shape dynamic, scatter, pass.

3, after setting up to start painting snowflakes on the photo! Be sure to focus on as many layers as possible (I have painted 4 layers), each layer with a different brush size (this is to make the snowflakes more layered sense more realistic).

4, such as snowflakes all finished after the beginning of the use of Gaussian blur tools to make snowflakes blurred, of which one or two layers can be dynamic blur to imitate the appearance of snow.

Try to avoid the five-facial features of the snow, but even if it is not careful to draw it does not matter, you can wipe off with an eraser. Divide multiple layers to draw snowflakes is to more layered sense, the distant snow should use the smallest brush painting, the closest to the lens should use the largest brush.

Final effect:

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