Ps+ai to create a Chinese wind font logo design process tutorial

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Or the old rules, my tutorial, most of them are drawn lines to do the word, also called the path Word, the path to do the word, suitable for beginners, relatively simple.

Effect Chart:

The first step: first, I was in PS to the word out, and then, with the brush tool, draw a draft, my trick is to put all the skim, in the font, the corner of the place, all painted straight or oblique,

So that the whole word, do not have to turn the place, so that after drawing out, it seems to do the feeling of the font came out, many people think I hand-painted good, in fact, is not, I will not hand-painted, this is just PS very common

One trick is to draw a starting point and then shift the point in another place, the middle is a straight line, I believe many people know this PS tips, next, is the choice of strokes, broken even,

The use of some font techniques. Through this method and process to do word, improve also will be a little faster. (Personal humble opinion, master mistakenly sprayed, of course, a lot of methods, I just elaborated their own methods and skills)

The second step: in the software, drawing out the line is the path, can also be seen as the skeleton of the font, here I drew the box, is to ensure that each word is the same size, in order to maintain the balance of the font,

Occasionally some local leakage outside the box is also possible, to maintain the overall balance of the font.

Step three: stroke. Appropriate strokes, not too thick, also not too thin, coarse font easy to paste together, thin, the word appears thin.

Fourth step: roundness. The right angle in the font to make rounded corners, I was made with AI, so I use this is the AI inside the fillet plug-in, of course, in other software can also be rounded corners,

You can first draw a One-fourth circle, and then put it at each right angle, and replace the right-angled, it is OK, so that the unified.

Fifth step: Put a good-looking shape, and then add some auxiliary, can express the meaning of the place, I am here a restaurant, so I joined a bowl of appearance, and then drew a cloud, people feel the food is very fragrant,

After adding graphics, the font to accommodate the graphic to do the next minute changes, the last step, is the brush strokes, all the strokes are directly traced, looks slightly thin, so finally, add a stroke effect, looks like a thick, thin,

Here's The Strokes, CDR inside the Stroke dialog box to the right there are calligraphy can be set up, AI inside, custom a calligraphy brush, the pen is 40% of the ellipse, you can, so, plus strokes, it was completed!

Final Effect Chart!

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