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We all know that psp3000 comes with microphones and Skype. However, the domestic card you purchased on Tom Skype cannot be used. You can find the following solution on the Internet:

First of all, you need a system of psp2000 or psp3000 above 3.90. Of course, psp2000 must be plugged into a headset before you can talk, and the 3000 microphone will be free of use.

Step 2: connect to the Wi-Fi network, log on to Skype, go to dial (dial-up), and see country/region code (country code) and phone number (phone number). Note the following, this is also a key step for your call success or failure,
: Country/region code (Country Code). Do not leave it empty. Select the hyphen "-" at the top of the line!
Then enter "+ 99008668081" in the following number, followed by the phone number you want to call, for example, + 9900866808101585812 ****!
Note! Add "0" in front of the mobile phone number "! Also, the "+" number is pressed by the number "0", and the "+" number is displayed after 2 seconds!
The original tutorial says that you can call without "+", but I tried it and it won't work. You can try it. It may be in different regions, some places, and some places!

In the last step, after entering the phone number, click "statr call" below to make the call successful! To sum up, enter the following number in phone number: domestic mobile phone number + 99008668081 + 0 + mobile phone number; for example: + 9900866808101585812 ****, domestic fixed-line telephone and PHS: + 99008668081 + area code + fixed-line telephone/PHS number. After the input is complete, click "statr call" below to make the call successful!

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