Public fitness should not blindly imitate simple foreign fitness forms

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There is a misunderstanding in the society. It imitates several sets of foreign aerobics, moves several foreign fitness methods, and even learns to do some common movements and combinations of foreigners, it is called integration with international standards. In this way, the original profound things are actually easy to understand. It is just an external manifestation of the problem.

What we should do is to systematically study and learn from the advanced mass fitness theories in Europe and America, and learn and master their advanced mass fitness scientific and technological achievements. This is the key and essential part of the development of fitness. Only by mastering the key issues and technologies can we truly use them for the future. We should follow the special physical conditions, digestion and absorption conditions, eating habits and psychological needs of the Chinese masses. This means that the use of advanced international scientific and technological achievements combined with the physiological and psychological characteristics of the Chinese Masses creates a variety of fitness content that truly serves the Chinese masses, rather than simply imitating their external forms. Blindly imitating it, the result is often contrary to the desire of the gym. For example, a young lady Li found Ma Hua and eagerly complained about her distress. She was less than one meter tall, and she attended a fitness center because she was too rough, blindly choose the more popular exercise and exercise with the treadmill. One refining is a year, and the result is self-defeating. The more refined the legs, the more unmanageable. I dare not wear a skirt in summer. When Ma Hua saw her, he found that her legs were too thick, giving her a feeling of being droose and bulky, and becoming increasingly short. Ma Hua personally made a Health Evaluation for her and prescribed a highly targeted Exercise Prescription based on her actual situation. After a period of adjustment and training, Miss Li's situation gradually improved. Through this example, we should remind all fitness friends that when you take part in fitness, you must first clarify your purpose of exercise, just like seeing a doctor, know where the disease is, and prescribe the right medicine, it is often counterproductive to blindly imitate medicine. Some of our fitness professionals should step out from the initial stage of pure imitation and go to the next level. The phenomenon of putting people on paper in the ivory tower is actually irresponsible to the masses

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