Public network access to intranet SVN

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I. Existing environment

We are built on the intranet Linux Server SVN server, because everyone is working in an intranet, directly with the SVN server IP can access the code base. Because of office needs, want to let colleagues at home or outside also access to the company intranet server repository, it seems necessary to change the configuration. Because the office is now using routers to surf the internet, the public IP will continue to change, so think of the peanut shell.

Second, the introduction of the domain name

Dynamic Domain Name

What is a dynamic domain name?

Dynamic Domain name resolution refers to the resolution of a fixed domain name to a host with dynamic IP. When using a dynamic Domain Name service, all Internet users can access the computer through a fixed domain name at home or in the company.    

Static domain name

What is a static domain name?

A static domain name can bind a fixed IP address to a fixed two-level domain name. If a static domain name is not updated for 35 days or longer, it will not expire. However, after the static domain name updates the IP address, it takes longer for the domain name to propagate to other nameservers on the internet, during which time the user will not be able to access your computer. Each user can create 1 free domain name (including static domain name, dynamic domain name, domain name turn and subdomain), if need to create more domain name, need you to pay a certain fee, we also will better serve you.

Smart domain

What is a smart domain?

Intelligent domain name is mainly for multi-line site users, because China Telecom and Netcom network lines between the mutual access will be slower. The smart domain automatically chooses the best network and route based on the visitor's network situation. Greatly accelerates the website access, and can balance with the server load pressure.

Third, the realization process

1. Set the static IP

Select DHCP server-static address assignment to assign static IP to machines inside the intranet.

2. Set Port forwarding

Add the service to the virtual server list, the Web service, and the internal and external ports are written as 3690, write on the internal server IP, so that the external network to 3690 port access to the installation of the SVN Server service machine IP, you can access the intranet's SVN library.

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3. Configure Dynamic DNS

Most routers provide dynamic DNS support because my router only supports to set static domain names, dynamic domain names, or only domain names.

So fill in the username and password and set the domain name on the, then click Apply.

According to the application service provided by different routers, set the domain name to the corresponding website.

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So you can access the SVN server on the intranet through the domain name


Public network access to intranet SVN

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