Public welfare Course: Android smart watch DIY,

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Public welfare Course: Android smart watch DIY,

We advocate diy instead of smart watches.

"The era of smart hardware is coming !"

Apple's smart Watch, Apple Watch, once again sparked a craze for smart hardware. The field of smart hardware has extended from wearable devices to Smart TVs, smart homes, smart cars, healthcare, smart toys, and robots, companies involved in smart hardware include international and domestic Internet giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, BAT, Xiaomi, and 360, as well as many traditional hardware companies. Since 2014, China's smart hardware market has received more than $0.7 billion in funding and more than 90 companies have received funding. Currently, the smart hardware market is in the forefront of the industry, and the industry has not yet formed a platform or product with a major advantage. Both venture capital and Internet giants expect the early deployment. There are indications that 2015 will be the year of the outbreak of smart hardware.

"Android open-source smart watches are coming, so we advocate DIY"

Open source, both Linux and android, has always been the darling of programmers. Open source is a challenge for programmers to initiate to the Technical Monopoly, and it is a buzz for programmers. Most startups embrace open source, but more and more large enterprises now regard open source as a strategic link. The open-source business model is becoming more and more perfect, and the profit model can be established by providing services. Huaqing Vision Education Group has been focusing on the popularization and promotion of open-source Linux and Android technologies for the past 10 years. After self-developed "Android open-source Tablet, recently, Farsight Watch, an open-source Android smart Watch, has been launched. This smart Watch, coupled with comprehensive open-source software and hardware materials, is a good news for open-source technology enthusiasts. Think about Apple Watch. It's better to build your own kidney pain. If you are using embedded Android, you should be willful! At the same time, in concert with the launch of the Android open-source smart watch, we also launched a free Open Course "not" smart "not" watch ", we advocate diy" (click here for details> ).

Course Content]

With the explosion of the smart wear market, related embedded development technologies have also attracted much attention. This topic combines the far-sighted smart hardware Teaching Platform FarSight Watch to explain the key technical structure of watches and teach you how to build your own smart watches.

1. Introduction to smart wearable devices
2. Smart Watch DIY-hua Qing vision open source smart watch
3. technical explanation of smart watch functions (pedometer, heart rate meter, etc.)

Live broadcast time: October 11, April 29, 2015 (Wednesday)

Registration URL:

The whole course is free of charge.

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