Public wireless networks are at risk. Be careful when hackers attack them "!

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Because the Electronic Frontier Foundation launched a project to develop open-source routers (also known as public wireless routers), the Maria people wanted to install cheap Wi-Fi routers to create a public broadband, reduce the number of data traffic packages purchased. This project has once again aroused the attention of public wireless networks and public Wi-Fi topics.

There are two benefits for providing public wireless networks. First, a free wireless network can be provided to people in need. Second, when everyone logs on to the public wireless network without authentication, IP address-based monitoring and tracking will no longer exist.

Although the starting point is good, but there are not enough security measures, users may be attacked as follows:

Interception:Hackers simulate access points connected to user devices, causing user devices to be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. Then the attacker enters the user session to steal information.

Cookie interception:In this case, hackers can secretly snoop on users' unencrypted Wi-Fi communication and intercept user session cookies so that hackers can access users' private content on the web page.

Dual-sided demons:A hacker establishes a fraudulent access point with the same SSID as the one deployed by a valid hotspot provider. This type of attack can be used for identity theft.

Eavesdropping:This means that unencrypted Wi-Fi communication is intercepted by attackers, endangering personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and email information.

Another risk is the attack on ISP authentication information. Hackers can easily create a false hotspot with the same SSID, while public hotspots generally use web pages for ISP identity authentication, therefore, hackers can easily steal users' ISP logon creden。 by establishing fake entry websites.

Public Wireless Networks are widely used and play a major role. However, risks also exist at any time. We recommend that you do not use a wireless network with unknown sources, especially a free wireless network without a password.


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