Publish a map based on geoserver

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Geoserver is one of the famous open source GIS software. It is also a commonly used map service software in projects. Based on geoserver and openlayers, you can build a free open source GIS project.

To publish a map, follow these steps:

1. Start geoserver

Start geoserver and log on to it. Logon Interface

2. Create a workspace.

Click workspace under the Data bar to create a new workspace, as shown in, enter the name of the workspace in name, the workspace created in this article is Karl, The namespace is not, the namespace here will be used for WFS search.

3. add layers. This article uses vector layers.

Click data storage> Add new data storage> shapefile location> browse and select the shapefile data to be added. Note that you must enter the data source name and select the workspace. The data source name is the name of the added layer. The workspace is the workspace in which the added data is stored. Select the created Karl workspace here.

4. layer Publishing

After each layer is added, the page shown in is displayed. click Publish. The layer publish page is displayed.

Click data, select the coordinate system of the layer data to be published, calculate the data border, and click Save.

5. Release other layers in the same way. This article has published 18 layers ,.

6. Add a layer group.

Click layer group --> Add new layer group to set the name and workspace of the layer group. Add all the previously released layers to the layer group and generate the border.

7. Access the map.

Click layer preview and select the layer group you just created to access the newly released map.

Now the release of the map has been completed. Next time, we will introduce how to access the released map based on openlayers.

Publish a map based on geoserver

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