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I have been searching for a better place to store my favorite URLs. However, after using many products, the effect is not satisfactory. So I wrote a Win8 UI style by myself. The running effect is as follows:

Home page:

Tool page:

It mainly includes the front-end information stations and tool websites in China. Now, we share these websites with front-end developers. This site is dedicated to providing the best web site navigation for front-end developers, you are welcome to provide recommended websites.

Beta Web site:

If you have any comments or suggestions on the developer's website navigation site, please leave a message for discussion. If necessary, user functions may be added in the future, so that everyone can add their own favorites.



Today, the last update time of the website is added to some URLs to help you determine whether a new article has been published. The effect is as follows:


  UPDATE (2013-6-18 ):

We have added common libraries and frameworks for JS and CSS at home and abroad tonight. The page is as follows:

If you have good resources, please provide them.


  UPDATE (2013-6-19 ):

  Today added the URL category and change background feature ( /):



The background change function is in the upper right corner :)

If you have good resources, please provide them!


  UPDATE (2013-6-22 ):

  Today added the online submission of web site function (, in addition to the horizontal scroll effect removed, many friends feedback is not used to this way, in addition to the impact of page loading speed, the effect


If you have good resources, please submit them online!

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