Published the third edition of "deep understanding of Linux kernel"

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The third edition of Linux kernel-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information is published. Finally, I received the third edition "deep understanding of Linux kernel" from the Power publication. From the submission in last September to the publication this year, it took more than a year. The waiting and disappointment of readers make the translators feel irreparable regret.

Unconsciously, it has been more than five years since the translation. Suddenly, there were so many books coming out of their hands. I think of The first time I was happy to promise to translate The first version of "Understanding The Linux kernel. I have never translated Liunx kernel books and dare to translate the most famous Liunx kernel books in the industry. because of ignorance, I am fearless. When we started to translate, we found that the translation was far from as simple as we thought. Professional knowledge, English background, Chinese expression, which cannot be less. The translation of the first version was entirely out of the enthusiasm for the Linux kernel. I still remember the days when I was not tired. I watched the English on the page be digested by myself, and then I read the self-thought that I was still able to pass the statement, what I learned from the author's knowledge organization and expression can be said that the entire translation process is quietly spent in this passion.

In order to publish the book as soon as possible, the Publishing House found me a collaborator, Feng Rui, who was a graduate student at Jiao Tong University. He had already translated many Linux-related books. When he sent me the translation chapter, it took me more than two weeks to modify it. However, with this change, Feng Rui quickly agreed with me on the translation style.

Now I am surprised by the investment I made when I translated the second version of ULK independently. It takes a lot of time to find out the difference between the first version and the second version. The press always gives the translator a relatively strict time limit, which makes me translate without having to eat.

When the press asked me to translate the third edition of ULK, I hesitated and retreated in the face of more than 800 pages of books. Those days of hard work, excitement, and forgetting me do not dare to look back. However, the translation of the first two versions has put too much effort into it and is unwilling to give the children they raise to others. When I told this idea to the Teacher Zhang qiongsheng (Petroleum University) who I met at the national operation department meeting, she readily agreed to let me check and she was willing to take over the translation. She knew something about her seriousness and responsibility, so she agreed to the translation of the third edition.

Last year's spring and summer vacations have become an unforgettable period. Often for the accurate translation of a word, QQ back and forth many times, sometimes even getting into a quarrel. However, even so, when we had to submit the manuscript on the original date, we still felt a lot of regrets were hidden in the translation...

If you discover any bugs when reading the third edition, you may wish to publish them to make them known to more readers.
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