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U disk, although belong to plug and Play devices, support hot plug, but this does not mean that can be arbitrarily unplugged, if unplugged improperly, there may be damage to the U disk, causing unnecessary losses. That pull a U disk to pay attention to what problems? After summing up, there are probably the following 3 aspects.

Note: After inserting a U disk, do not pull out immediately. In particular, do not repeatedly fast plug, because the operating system requires a certain reaction time, plug the interval to ask the best in more than 5 seconds. Do not insert immediately after unplugging, wait 5 seconds before inserting.

Note: When the indicator light is on, do not pull a U disk. The light and the lights, flashing and so on are reflected in the U disk different state, generally speaking, the light on the time can not unplug u disk. In Windows 7, you can unplug the U disk only if the LEDs are off. For a U disk with no LEDs, wait a while to unplug after completing the read and write operation, which is more secure. can be some u disk in Windows 7 lights are always on, this is because win 7 increased the detection of USB devices, as long as there is data flow, the LED will flicker, to stop the device, and then pull out the U disk, will be more safe. Deactivation method is: Under the Windows7, insert a U disk will appear in the taskbar USB device icon, open the icon will display in the list U disk device, this option to deactivate the device.

Note Three: Pay attention to the direction. Encounter can not insert the situation, do not force, to see if the direction is wrong, often in a different direction can solve the problem.

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