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Whether it is black-and-white or color, the level of the screen and texture are crucial two things, this issue of the photographer Lvjiang to the following piece to explain. The original image is a very ordinary picture, the color is dusty, light is insipid. But it is this kind of material that allows us to maximize our own subjective thinking, to create a piece of work.

First, open the photo, enter the ACR panel, make adjustments

I want the details and texture, so I need to make the whole picture has a texture, high light can not be exposed, shadow can not be exposed. All in all, the task in ACR is to retrieve all the details of the picture! (The picture must be in RAW format)

Color temperature: According to their needs to adjust, for the unity of the picture, here I try to restore, because the most normal color temperature can show more details!

Hue: Do not do a certain tone generally do not move, will directly affect the entire picture color bias.

Exposure: In the range of high light exposure, the maximum adjustment, the accuracy of exposure directly affect the color of the restoration and detail of the texture.

Contrast: Try not to increase, the more gray level of the screen, the more details.

Highlights: A useful tool to easily retrieve the highlights of the exposed area.

Shadow: The same as the highlight tool, to retrieve the details of the dark part, but also pay attention to the dark part of the appearance of noise.

White, Black: Same as the contrast option. Just separate the white and black to adjust, according to these two can control the brightness and grayscale of the high light and shadow.

Sharpness: The color details of the screen transition, subtle contrast adjustment. I have been filled with the definition options, because the screen is very gray, so the effect is more natural, usually use caution.

Natural saturation: The saturation of the color sensitive, large adjustment amplitude, not sensitive to the color of the unsaturated, adjust the range is small, is very clever way of saturation adjustment.

Saturation: The saturation of the whole picture is adjusted. Here I will reduce saturation, is to be the color of the screen is not dazzling do not jump, more unified tone.

Second, open PS, copy layer copy

Third, the brightness of the picture unified

This step needs to use the sketch knowledge, need the photographer to the picture body and the second body and again the body to distinguish, carries on a depth adjustment. Each area is a different space, need different light and shade to express the space sense of the picture, here I have about three areas. character, foreground, background. Lightness shows the character > foreground > Background. This is not only the primary and secondary relationship out, the sense of space will be better. In the tool aspect, the level curve brightness contrast is all OK. I'm using the brightness contrast to make it easier to see, and I've labeled three areas with a paintbrush.

To create a sense of space and level in the characters and prospects in more detail

Repeat the last step to create a sense of space and hierarchy in the character and the foreground more carefully. Light and shadow will directly determine the texture, in the case of details of the local to deepen the reduction. By their own understanding, so that should be darkened areas darker, so that should be light areas brighter. Of course, the premise is not exposure and exposure. You can make a replica to deepen the Dodge operation and then reduce the layer opacity blending. You can also create a new layer for overlay mode, and use a black brush with a white brush to slowly smear it. The method is actually not important, mainly lies in everybody's art Foundation.

Optional color Adjustment

After the overall effect processing is completed, the final color rendering and drawing. This is very simple, according to the desired color bias for the color of the optional adjustment. Adjust the overall color level slightly, reduce saturation, increase the point dark angle, the whole picture is complete.

Six, converted into black and white to detect works

Qualified to deepen the reduction of light works, can be converted into black and white methods to detect. If a picture is converted to black and white, black and white gray, rich in detail. That means you're a success!

There are no shortcuts in photography and later, the only thing that can be done is meticulous and meticulous! The plug-in and external factors are not able to do the desired results.

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