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Believe it or not, I am a letter anyway, in the domestic SEO optimization, always embrace the traditional optimization model. Although tried, but increasingly saturated search competition market, the future of the SEO will increasingly tend to "ineffective" effect. Also do the market, do optimization, a few years ago to optimize a keyword need to pay how much energy? How long does it take to do this now? The market has achieved the rise of the SEO industry, but Sheng will decline, do not have a different level of SEO, will eventually be buried out.

 One: mainstream keyword saturation

The Chinese Internet currently has many websites in the construction process? The statistics also have 4 million of the number, but not the statistics of those? Although the ministry has been a neat record of the wind, but still has a large number of unregistered web site Enron running. Even more is the public hawking, the domestic host to exempt from the record .... In the vast base of the site, the mainstream keyword throughout the search engine every corner. Less hundreds of thousands of of the search related information, more than tens of millions of billion information index. What does it say about a phenomenon? The internet has become an integral part of the entity, and its impact is increasingly linked to reality. Even in the fierce environment competition, has made more people turn to Yuchangyu word optimization, to dilute their own pressure, so as to earn a living. Have to say, from a point of view, the mainstream keyword has tended to market saturation, otherwise there is no need to do what long tail words.

 Two: optimization means saturation

What is SEO, how to do it? As long as the contact webmaster Circle a few days webmaster can casually say a few words. But even if asked 10,000, 100,000 webmaster, the answer is nothing more than the update of the content, the optimization of the chain, structure optimization ... Although the hundred change the pope, but also should be a little something new in it. Unfortunately, groping, thinking to go, or those who have learned to brush up on things. is the search engine rules saturated? The answer is no, just research the search engine rules saturated, otherwise it will not be so many webmasters do not understand the search engine's temper. SEO rely on what development? When all the website after doing SEO, will be the existing things to strive for excellence, go to the end is equivalent to not done. Don't say impossible, the grim situation of the network everything is possible! and have to say that most of the seoer, only know the fur. Although the understanding is broad, but superficial understanding also can't.

  Third: Saturated Internet Information

Why do search engines have a special interest in originality? is not all to provide users with convenience? A random search of information, appear to the view of those who find and find repeated content, rarely find a way to make a person's eyes bright information. I do not know is now lazy, accustomed to use the collection of false original, or say to write things so much, has been to the point of no pen can swing. But it has to be said that the Internet information is indeed redundant and can no longer be redundant. Webmaster Why the failure rate is far higher than other industries, so many want to opportunistic, daydreaming too many people ... The false saturation of Internet information, and people's inertia mixed among them, it seems not to introduce new, is not the AH.

 Four: the convenience of saturation

WEB2.0 really create a lot of things, from the Internet free program can be seen a lot of. God horse cms, God horse website production, find a set of procedures, a little modification, you can easily complete. But what kind of power has catalytic him to move on? Most websites today use free programs, free models, and entrepreneurship. The program is the same, the board is the same, the structure is the same, and even the content is the same thing. Search engine tired of watching, convenience sometimes really is not a good thing, let people forget the charge of things always inspire people to do the courage of things. Those who have been free to bring convenience, has gone forever, or that the convenience has been reflected in the after-sales service above.

In such an environment, whether the webmaster, or a seoer, want to be a little red in the green cluster of prominent site value, it is difficult to be difficult. But there are always some small surprises and surprises, but looking back, which one is not the product of innovation? Rich, perhaps can extravagantly, have no money, also can only eclectic to do SEO, otherwise it is difficult to have too big as Ah! How to eclectic? Hope that some of the above written things will benefit! Binary Network Original writing , if reproduced please keep: (www.seostudy.org), thank you for your cooperation!

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