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 1. Background

When rails 3.0 was released, many of them worried about installing the gem, which was too slow to download the gem. This is not a slow network speed. Ruby's net: HTTP must pass through the wall and go through the sea to reach the rubyforge server. Even if the network environment is very good, the maximum speed is 50 K. What's more, there is no progress bar. Installing a gem often takes dozens of minutes and there is no response on the screen! Laomei patronizes my network speed, and does not take care of me.

As a result, everyone has their own initiative to use the download tool to download the gem first, and then the gem install xxx.1.1.1.gem-L. As for what to download, each has its own merits, browsers, wget/curl, and Thunder are not complete yet. A often has many dependencies to install a gem. Therefore, a depends on b1, b2, and B1, and C !, C2. if you download the file manually, You can sweat it!

These troubles will be solved. As long as you have installed curl on your system, you can download gem-fast to accelerate your gem installation! (The download progress bar is also displayed)

2. Functions

Accelerate gem Installation

Display progress bar and

3. Install

First, make sure that curl is installed on your computer. The detection method is curl-V. If you are prompted that curl does not exist, run the following command to install it:

Sudo apt-Get install curl

Then install gem-fast

Gem install gem-fast

If you have any problems and want to roll back to the previous download mode, you only need to: Gem uninstall gem-fast

Everything is as you wish!

4. project resources

Project address: http://github.com/dazuiba/gem-fast

Bug track: http://github.com/dazuiba/gem-fast/issues


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