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The Dashboard in Mac provides us with a lot of useful gadgets, like clocks, calculators, and so on. It would be cool if you could put these gadgets on the desktop. Next, let's look at how to do it.

First, we want to open the dashboard development model. Open "terminal" and run the following command

Defaults write Com.apple.dashboard devmode YE

Killall Dock

After opening development mode, activate the dashboard and press the mouse to hold the gadget you want to move. According to experience, it's best to drag and drop a little while holding it, but make sure the mouse is not loosened. Then, by pressing the key to exit dashboard, release the mouse, the gadget is placed on the desktop.

The clock and calculator were put on the desktop

If you want to put the gadget back, it is also very simple. Mouse hold the gadget, through the keyboard to activate dashboard, release the mouse, gadgets and then back to the dashboard. In addition to putting gadgets back into dashboard, you can also close gadgets directly. Put the mouse on the gadget, press the option key, the gadget's upper left corner will appear a close button, click on this button, you can turn the gadget directly off.

The gadget appears close when you hold down the option button

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