Putty generate key SSH remote login Note Steps and Error resolution method

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Putty generate key SSH remote login Note Steps and Error resolution method

"Putty Server refused our key" (resolution) Troubleshooting steps:

1.. ssh folder permissions and authorized_keys file Permissions

1-1 created . SSH directory and authorized_keys file


Touch Authorized_keys

1-2 Modifying directories and file permissions

Chmod. SSH

Chmod Authorized_keys

2. Selinux security mechanism and Iptables firewall rule interception

2-1 temporary shutdown Selinux command:setenforce 0

temporarily shut down the firewall command:iptables–f

2-2 permanently off selinux: Modify the/etc/selinux/config profile setenforce=disabled ( restart takes effect )

Permanent pass - establishes firewall rules:

3.throughPuttycopied toAuthorized-keysin,But there are reports .Putty Server Refusedour keyError. Take a closer lookAuthorized-keysfiles,will find that the front isSh-rsa, missing aS,at this point, just add aS,thatSsh-rsayou can do it.

4. sshd is not configured correctly ( concession situation can be used as a troubleshooting, general situation without modification )


4-1 , #StrictModesyes Change into Strictmodesno (Remove comments and change to No )

        4-2 , #PubkeyAuthenticationyes change to pubkeyauthentication Yes (uncomment)

4-3 , #AuthorizedKeysFile. Ssh/authorized_keys Change into authorizedkeysfile. Ssh/authorized_keys (Remove comments)

4-4 , Wq Save

4-5 , /etc/rc.d/init.d/sshdreload Reload

Font size settings

window->appearance->fontsettings ->change button settings (My settings are.)

Font color settings

window->colours->defaultforeground->modify settings (I like the green setting: r:0 g:255 b:64)

Also in the default black background blue look is not clear, you can change the Window->colours->ansi blue settings (I set to r:255 g:0 b:128)

Window->behaviour at the bottom there is a full screen onalt-enter hook on it.

Save session

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Putty generate key SSH remote login Note Steps and Error resolution

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