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Problem B: primary arithmetic

Children are taught to add multi-digit numbers from right-to-left onedigit at a time. please find the "carry" operation-in which a 1 iscarried from one digit position to be added to the next
-To bea significant challenge. Your job is to count the number of carry operations for each of a set of addition problems so thateducators may assess their difficulty.


Each line of input contains two unsigned integers less than 10 digits. The last line of input contains 0 0.


For each line of input records t the last you showould compute and print the number of carry operations thatwowould result from adding the two numbers, in the formatshown below.

Sample Input
123 456555 555123 5940 0
Sample output
No carry operation.3 carry operations.1 carry operation.

When the answer is 1 or greater than 1, the output is different ....

#include <iostream>#include <cstdio>using namespace std;int main(){    unsigned int  a,b,c,ans;    while(cin>>a>>b){        if(a==0&&b==0)            break;        c=ans=0;        while(a!=0 || b!=0 ){            c+=a%10 + b%10;            a/=10;            b/=10;            if(c>9){               ans++;            }            c/=10;        }        if(ans==0)            cout<<"No carry operation."<<endl;        else if(ans==1)            cout<<"1 carry operation.\n";        else            printf("%d carry operations.\n",ans);    }}

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