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1 fast becoming a Developer Beginner's Guide (translator)---official1.1 Compiling the environment(1) InstallationMsysgitafter the installation is complete, configure Git.
    • Installation Note
In addition to the next step in the installation process, the other steps are installed by default.     
    • Git Chinese garbled
the last line of the Git-completion.bash file in D:\Program files (x86) \git\etc Plus:alias ls= ' ls--show-control-chars--color=auto '
    • You can increase the output format of git by typing the following command in the Git terminal
    git config--global color.branch auto    git config--global color.diff auto    git config--global color.interactive au To    git config--global color.status auto
    • Configure user name and mailbox (git registered user name and mailbox)
    "Your Name"    git config--global user.email you@example.com
  • Check the connection of the FTDI cable and the PX4
System_profiler spusbdatatype (test useless, may be no connection problem)
(2) Installation Tortoisegitafter installation, the TORTOISEGIT option will be available on the desktop right-click menu. Right-click on the "Git Init ..." button and the menu changes to the following:    1.2 tool chain installation and configuration(1) The tool chain version used for this time is Px4_toolchain_installer_v14_win.exe(2) After installation, the path is D:\PX4 (the default is C:\px4), the accompanying PX4 driver is also installed (Win8 need to be configured separately);(3) Download PX4 source code via PX4 toolchain: Start Menu---> Applications--->px4 toolchain--->px4 software Download(4) Download the source code contains the path and folder:
    • px4
        Li style= "background-color:inherit" > FIRMWARE–PX4 firmware ( All modules), including Mavlink
        • NUTTX–NUTTX real-time operating system (RTOS)
      • libopencm3– Optional: Open source Cortex Mx Library, only for booting (bootloaders)
      • bootloader– Optional: bootloaders, usually do not need to be manipulated or modified.
After this download, as shown, missing libopencm3 folder, the reason is not known.         you can download libopencm3 to the current directory in msysgit with the following command. git clone git://github.com/mossmann/libopencm3.git (5) Configuring Eclipse
  • Note: When the Windows operating system is 64-bit, the Java installation location is C:\Program Files (x86) \java\jre_xxx, not the usual C:\Program files\java\jre_xxx, You must therefore find the Eclipse.ini file in the Eclipse folder to add "-vm C:\Program files (x86) \java\jre_xxx\javaw.exe" or configure the Java environment variable.
  • JAVA (JRE not JDK) environment variable configuration Success flag:
  • after installing PX4 toolchain, Eclipse is integrated, and of course we can download eclipse separately, but configure environment variables and toolchain. Open eclipse: Start Menu---> All Programs--->px4 toolchain--->px4 Eclipse. For the first boot, select the workspace and tick the Use this as the default and ....  
  • Establish engineering documents. File--->new--->makefile Project .... Then click Browse ..., go to D:\px4\Firmware, and select Cross GCC and click Finish.
  • You can create a new make target (green round button) by "Make Target" in the right panel and select the root folder.
  • Each make target description
    • all –builds the autopilot software (depends on archives)
    • Archives–builds the NUTTX OS (compile real-time system NUTTX OS)
    • Distclean–cleans Everything, including the NUTTX build
    • Clean –cleans only the application (autopilot) part, will not clear archives
    • Pixfmu-v2_default---FMU firmware
    • Px4io-v2_default---IO firmware
    • upload px4fmu-v1_default –uploads to PX4FMU v1.x boards
    • upload px4fmu-v2_default –uploads to PX4FMU v2.x boards
1.3 Compiling and flashing firmwaretwo different ways:Mode one, through Eclipse, after the fifth step is configured, you can first double-click "distclean", then "Archives", then "All", and finally double-click "upload Px4fmu-v1_default", upload its compiled files to the PX4FMU v1.x board. or double-click " upload px4fmu-v2_default" to upload its compiled file to the PX4FMU v2.x board. Upload to the board on the premise that all kinds of connections have been configured, such as the driver, serial port and so on.
mode two, through the console, Start menu---> Application--->px4 toolchain--->px4 console;
    CD firmware/
    Distclean # needed after changes on header files, nuttx or a fresh GIT checkout/update
    Archives  # This command is only used when "make Distclean" is used.
    Upload Px4fmu-v1_default
   After compiling:

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Px4/pixhawk---Quickly become a developer (Windows)

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