[py3]--How to perform some computational operations in the data dictionary (e.g., max, sort, etc.)

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How do I perform some computational operations (such as minimum, maximum, sort, etc.) in a data dictionary?

Solution Zip ()

1. In order to perform a calculation on a dictionary value, it is often necessary to use zip() a function to reverse the key and value.

2. Similarly, you can also use the zip() and sorted() functions to arrange the dictionary data

Prices = {    'ACME': 37.20,    'AAPL': 612.78,    'IBM': 205.55,    'HPQ': 37.20,    'FB': 10.75}Print(min (prices), max (prices))#perform normal math operations directly on a dictionary, which only operates on keys

Print # can be resolved through the values function of the dictionary, but only the values are visible when output
10.75 612.78

Print (min (prices,key=Lambda# can be solved by Min/max's key property function, but the output is not as good to see

Print (min (Zip (prices.values (), Prices.keys ()    ))) # A tuple sequence that "reverses" the Dictionary to (Value,key) by Zip ()
(10.75, ' FB ')

Print (Sorted (Zip (prices.values (), Prices.keys ()   )) # If you happen to have the same values, the results are returned based on the sort result of key.
[('FB' 'ACME' 'HPQ') 'IBM'AAPL')]

3. When performing these calculations, it is important to note that the zip() function creates an iterator that is accessible only once

prices_and_names=Zip (prices.values (), Prices.keys ())print(max (prices_and_names)) ( ' AAPL ' Print(max (prices_and_names))   # The second time you use it, it's an error. is an  empty Sequence

[py3]--How to perform some computational operations in the data dictionary (e.g., max, sort, etc.)

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