Pycharm 4.5.4 for Ubuntu 16.04 Download and installation tutorial

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First, we need to have an operating system with Ubuntu 16.04 installed and a Java environment configured;

    • Method 1: Default installation
 Install default-jdk-y # Installing the latest Java on the website
Java-version # View Java version

    • Method 2:installing the Oracle JDK

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java  # Add PPA source sudo apt-get update # update sudo  Install oracle-java8-Installer # installation JAVA8, it is recommended to install this # other Java version installation (reference)sudo Install oracle-java6-installersudoinstall oracle-java7-installersudo  Install Oracle-java9-installer

Note: The installer must pay attention to root # and normal user $ permissions issues, because I directly with the root user, so there is no sudo start does not matter.

Next, please download the required installation package and upload it to the system at the following link;

Baidu Network Disk:

Links: Https://

Password: Paur

Create the following directory in the operating system:



Then, you can use Xftp to upload these two files to the server's/usr/local/src/pycharm directory;

Finally, let's do the decompression installation operation;

cd/usr/local/src/pycharm  # Switch to the directory tar xzf pycharm-4.  Tar. gz-c/usr/local/   # Unzip the package to the/usr/local directory

Rename it, and then give the program a soft link to facilitate the quick start;

cd/usr/localmv pycharm-4.5. 4 pycharm  # rename ln -s/usr/local/pycharm/bin/pycharm. SH Ln -S makes a soft link map
Pycharm # Start Pycharm

Enter License Key (open key.txt file)

Happy, start tossing your own python ...

Pycharm 4.5.4 for Ubuntu 16.04 Download and installation tutorial

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