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This article is mainly for you to introduce the most comprehensive Pycharm learning tutorial sixth, Pycharm as a vim editor, with a certain reference value, interested in small partners can refer to

Pycharm as a VIM editor with the following details:

1. Theme

If you are a fan of vim and do not intend to use other types of editors, then this tutorial will be more suitable for you. Here's a detailed description of how to download, install, and use VIM with the help of the Pycharm ideavim plugin. As for Python programming and the use of VIM, see official website, vim documentation.

2. Preparatory work

Install version 2.7 or higher of pycharm

3. Download and install the Ideavim plugin

Click the Settings button in the main toolbar of Pycharm and select the Plugins page under the IDE Settings interface. All plugins installed under the current platform will be displayed. However Ideavim is not in it, you need to click the Browse jetbrains plugins button and type Vim in the search field to find the corresponding plugin:

To install the plugin:

After restarting Pycharm, you can use:

4. Changes after reboot

Vim and Pycharm are based on keyboard input text editing software, the response of the Ideavim plug-in shortcut settings are likely to conflict with Pycharm shortcut settings, which is why pycharm need to follow the existing shortcut key configuration to re-create a set of Vim version of the shortcut key scheme.

When Pycharm is restarted, you will see the Vim Keymap Settings dialog box, where you can choose a shortcut configuration scheme as the shortcut key scheme in the current VIM environment:

We choose the default configuration here, click OK, you can see Pycharm created a new shortcut key configuration:

Next, look at the shortcut Settings screen again. Click the Settings button to enter the Settings dialog box, under IDE Settings , click the Keymap page. A scheme name called Vim appears in the corresponding shortcut configuration drop-down list, which defines some default shortcut key combinations, such as CTRL + V for pasting, and so on:

However, there is a more important Pycharm interface setting, click Tools on the main toolbar and Select the Vim Emulator command:

When you install the Ideavim plugin, this command is selected by default (with a checkmark in front), which means that the current VIM emulator is available. Uncheck, Pycharm will return to the normal shortcut, check again, Pycharm will reload the vim version of the shortcut configuration scheme:

5. Edit mode

Now we can edit in vim mode, when our input cursor is a small black block, which means we are currently in normal mode:

If you want to change to insert mode, press the I key and the cursor will change to a vertical bar:

In this mode, the meter can enter new code or modify the current code. Of course you can also choose other modes, such as pressing R to enter replace input mode.

By the way, in order to quickly enter the VIM simulation, you can view the status bar related information: status bar

Press the ESC key to return to normal edit mode.

Ideavim has many of the features of the Vim editor, such as short form, shortcut key combinations, various commands, and more, see: A lot more.


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