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Today, a pycharm is set up to use it to install the Python plugin, the following is the installation steps to share with you, my environment is the WIN7 system:

Installing Python requires the Setuptools tool and Pip to be installed first, and the following starts with a download of the installation package:

Download Setuptools, Https://

Download Pip

1, install Setuptools, enter the cmd command line mode:

>python Ez_ez_setup #这个其实就是setuptools下载的下来的文件

Installation completed, no error is completed, I installed under the Win7 has an error, is the last step remove ... I have no control, I understand that there is no administrator rights to delete the following files, anyway, do not delay the use, I did not tube, this step may be an error, because the environment variable problem, can not direct Python as a command to use, I was lazy, between the ez_setup copied to the C:\python27\, So direct operation is no problem, of course, modify environment variables can also directly use the Python command, so that the file where it does not matter.

2, Next install PIP, this is a Pip-1.5.6.tar package, find a directory first decompression, and then into the cmd:

>python Install

No error is successful, I was so installed, no problem.

3, open Pycharm, point File–>settings->project Interpreter

Can see Setuptools, PIP has been installed, here I say, in fact, Pycharm is with automatic installation of this tool function, I this is a manual installation and pycharm combination, interested can be directly installed with Pycharm.

Point to the right side of the plus, you can see a lot of Python plug-ins, you can search as needed to install.

Write in the end, I was in the actual installation when there are 2 problems, one is to install PIL, with Pycharm, there is an error, I was directly installed in the command line:

c:\python27\pip-1.5.6> pip install pil–allow-external pil–allow-unverified P

This is no problem.

One is the installation of Mysql-python, prompted the need for Visual C + +, said online installation 2008 better, I directly down a 2008, installed, and then

>python Setup Install

The other has not met, began to use, and later encountered problems to share it

The following is a summary of the problems encountered in the future, there are problems to solve, I have summed up here:

1, installation pil times wrong (Linux): Error:setup script exited with Error:command ' GCC ' failed with exit status 1

Solution: Try this: yum-y install gcc python27-devel libxml2 libxml2-devel libxslt libxslt-devel, no, end use

Yum install Python-devel's done.

2, installed modules or their own written module to add environment variables:

Export pythonpath= $PYTHONPATH:/home/mymodule

3, Win7 installation PiL, with the Pycham installation has been an error, and later in the CMD under the pip to install the discovery does not support JPEG, really crazy, and finally the next one. exe file installation solution, download the official website

4, Night installation Mysql-connector-python, with Pycharm installation error,

Could not find no downloads that satisfy the requirement Mysql-connector-python
Some externally hosted files were ignored (use–allow-external Mysql-connector-python to allow).

Install directly with PIP, commands are as follows:

C:\python27\scripts>pip install–allow-external Mysql-connector-python Mysql-co

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