PYENV installation and use-multi-version Python coexistence solution

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Python is generally low due to CentOS or Rhel OS, CENTOS6 The Python version is 2.6.6, but now the general Python version is 2.7 version, previously always in the operation of the source code upgrade Python, but this will lead to the use of Python and other uses of the command error, although modified Yum source code can solve the problem, but always feel very troublesome, and a life Make the file changes also feel very low Ah!

Found pyenv This software is very good, can coexist in a system of two Python versions, and does not affect the system comes with the old version of Python use;

Install pyenv first install the RPM package environment required for Python compilation:

Yum Install ReadLine Readline-devel readline-static-y

Yum Install OpenSSL openssl-devel openssl-static-y

Yum Install Sqlite-devel-y

Yum Install Bzip2-devel bzip2-libs-y

Don't say much nonsense and start installing pyenv

git clone git:// ~/.pyenv

echo ' Export pyenv_root= ' $HOME/.pyenv ' >> ~/.BASHRC

echo ' Export path= ' $PYENV _root/bin: $PATH "' >> ~/.BASHRC

Echo ' eval ' $ (pyenv init-) "' >> ~/.BASHRC


To view the Python versions supported by pyenv:

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Now to install Python 2.7.9 in the system,

Pyenv Install 2.7.9-v

To refresh the database:

Pyenv Rehash

There are now two different versions of Python in the system, but the system defaults to Python version 2.6 and is now switched:

Pyenv Global 2.7.9

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Now the system default Python version is 2.7.9, yum can be used normally, because Yum annotation is "/usr/bin/python", we write our own python with "/usr/bin/env python", This is for the system environment in Python 2.7.9!

Pyenv good, very convenient, will not cause the Python version of the system confusion problem!

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PYENV installation and use-multi-version Python coexistence solution

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