Pygame pyglet cocos2d

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Pygame pyglet cocos2d

These three frameworks are used for games.

Pygame is an SDL encapsulation library. The concepts and methods used in it are relatively simple.

If you don't want to make a very ambitious game, you feel that this framework is the most suitable. Because it is very simple

You can spend more time on the game logic, rather than understanding the framework.

Pyglet is a framework that uses a lot of OpenGL. It is difficult to understand OpenGL.

However, this framework supports more audio and video formats, and the event loop encapsulation seems powerful.

The cocos2d framework is re-encapsulated based on pyglet.

Cocos2d should be a good choice, because it implements a large number of packages on the basis of pyglet to get started faster.

After many things are encapsulated, it makes it difficult to understand the framework. However, this framework is indeed good,

I have learned many design skills.


Cocos2d supports tiled, but it does not seem powerful enough. For example, Object layer loading is not supported so far.

Although pygame and pyglet do not exist, many related libraries can be used.

For example, (pygame, pyglet Support)

Promotion on pygame official website,


For a 45-degree view map, you can study the tiled map editor.



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