PYSVN installation and Common methods

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CentOS 6.5,svn 1.6.11,pysvn 1.7.6, article content from official documents:

Install directly with Yum

Yum Install Pysvn-y

Create a client

ImportPYSVNdefget_login (realm, username, may_save): Retcode= True#True if validation is required;Username ='MyUser'    #User namePassword =' MyPwd'    #PasswordSave = False#True, if you do not want to verify after;    returnretcode, username, password, saveclient=PYSVN. Client () Client.callback_get_login= Get_login

Use this client to do all of the following

' svn:// ... '    # SVN's Path ' ./test '    # checked out to the target path client.checkout (Svnurl, Outpath)    # Check out the latest version of rv = pysvn. Revision (Pysvn.opt_revision_kind.number, 1111)) client.checkout (Svnurl, Outpath, REVISION=RV)     # Check out the specified version
#Revision类型可以通过rv. Number to get the corresponding numbers
Entry = ('./test')PrintEntry.url#copy the corresponding SVN URLPrintEntry.commit_revision#latest submissions from revisionPrintEntry.commit_author#newly submitted usersImportTimet= Time.localtime (Entry.commit_time)#time of latest submissionPrintTime.strftime ('%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s', T)
 entries_list = ( " ./other  Span style= "COLOR: #800000" > " )  for  En in   entries_list:  print,en.size,en.time,en.last_author #   file property  print  en.created_rev  #   file revision  print  en.kind #   file type, File,dir,none,unknown can be judged by str (kind) = = ' file ' 
Client.update ('./test')    # update
Changes = Client.status ('./test' # detect status, get various new, deleted, modified, conflicting, non-versioned states   forFinchChanges:ifF.text_status = =pysvn.wc_status_kind.added:PrintF.path,'A'    elifF.text_status = =pysvn.wc_status_kind.deleted:PrintF.path,'D'    elifF.text_status = =pysvn.wc_status_kind.modified:PrintF.path,'M'    elifF.text_status = =pysvn.wc_status_kind.conflicted:PrintF.path,'C'    elifF.text_status = =pysvn.wc_status_kind.unversioned:PrintF.path,'U'
' / tmp '    # The comparison requires the use of temporary files, this is the location of temporary files, will automatically clear Print ' ./svntest ')    # the effect is consistent with SVN diff
Client.add ('./svntest/add.txt')#add a file to version controlClient.revert ('./svntest/modify.txt')#to restore a file modificationClient.move ('./svntest/move1.txt','./svntest/move2.txt')#Rename or MoveClient.remove ('./svntest/delete.txt')#Delete a file or directoryClient.mkdir ('./svntest/testdir'  ,' submit message'  ) #新建a folder, submitting a message here is useless when the first argument is Svnurl.  
 client.checkin ([ "./ Svntest/delete.txt ",  '  Submit Message ") # commit one or more modifications 
Entries_list = Client.log ('./other', discover_changed_paths=True) for inch entries_list:     print,,en.message,en.revision    # version information     for inch en.changed_paths:         Print ' \ t ', e.path,e.action    # version specific changes to the information


PYSVN installation and Common methods

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