Python 49th Day--paramiko module installation Big battle

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Ready to start Learning: Paramiko module, found this module is very difficult to install

Engaged for a half day, Win10 64 Pytyon 3.6 of the Paramiko module is not on, on-line constantly looking for information, but no use, no use AH

Can't, use virtual machine to make a centos7, install, fail, install again, fail again, surf the net to find information, finally fix, share experience, lest everybody step on the pit again.

Environment CentOS 7, comes with Python 2.7, don't care about it

Install new Python3

First step: Download the python3.5 installation package:


Unzip to current directory:

TAR-ZXVF python-3.5.0.tgz


CD Python-3.5.0



Make & make Install


When you run the Python3 command, you will get an error and the. So file is missing, we need to do the following:


Ok! The Python3 base environment is now installed

Step Two: Install the following modules

Make sure that the subsequent installation is no longer error

Yum install gcc libffi-devel python-devel openssl-devel

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Step Three: Install Setuptools

wget--no-check-certificate C607dd118eae682c44ed146367a17e26

TAR-ZXVF setuptools-19.6.tar.gz

CD setuptools-19.6

Python3 Build

Python3 Install


Error: Runtimeerror:compression requires the (missing) zlib module

We need to install the Zlib-devel package in Linux for support.

Yum Install Zlib-devel

A recompile installation is required for the python3.5.

CD python3.5

Make & make Install

Reinstall Setuptools

Python3 Build

Python3 Install

After installing Setuptools, you need to recompile the python3.5 installation.

Fourth Step install Pip

wget--no-check-certificate 3a73c4188f8dbad6a1e6f6d44d117eeb

TAR-ZXVF pip-8.0.2.tar.gz

CD pip-8.0.2

Python3 Build

Python3 Install

If there is no accident, PIP installation is complete.

Fifth Step installation Paramiko

To install a Paramiko using PIP:

python3-m pip Install Paramiko

OK, finally completed the Paramiko installation of the PYTHON3 environment.

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Well, the Windows edition continues to study ...

Python 49th Day--paramiko module installation Big battle

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