Python (5)-Simple exercise: Python Level three menu optimizer

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Python Three-level menu optimizer, newbie link:

123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960 menu ={    ‘北京‘:{        ‘海淀‘:{            ‘五道口‘:{                ‘soho‘:{},                ‘网易‘:{},                ‘google‘:{}            },            ‘中关村‘:{                ‘爱奇艺‘:{},                ‘汽车之家‘:{},                ‘youku‘:{},            },            ‘上地‘:{                ‘百度‘:{},            },        },        ‘昌平‘:{            ‘沙河‘:{                ‘北航‘:{},            },            ‘天通苑‘:{},            ‘回龙观‘:{},        },        ‘朝阳‘:{},        ‘东城‘:{},    },    ‘上海‘:{        ‘闵行‘:{            "人民广场":{                ‘炸鸡店‘:{}            }        },        ‘闸北‘:{            ‘火车战‘:{                ‘携程‘:{}            }        },        ‘浦东‘:{},    },    ‘山东‘:{},}current_layer=menu        #当前层last_layers=[menu]        #上一层whileTrue:    for key incurrent_layer:         #打印第一层菜单        print(key)    choice=input(">>:").strip()       #选择第二层菜单    ifchoice incurrent_layer:                    last_layers.append(current_layer)        #进入下一层菜单前,把当前层菜单加入上一次菜单中        current_layer=current_layer[choice]      #当前层菜单被重新定义,进入循环打印下一层菜单    ifchoice==0:                                #选择菜单层为空,结束本次循环        continue    ifchoice=="q":                             #选择菜单层为“q”,结束本层循环        break    ifchoice=="b":                             #选择菜单层为“b”,返回上一层菜单        current_layer=last_layers[-1]           #返回上一层菜单前,当前层被重新定义        last_layers.pop()                       #删除最后一次进入下一层菜单所加入的上一层列表数据print("程序结束!")


Python (5)-Simple exercise: Python Level three menu optimizer

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