Python basic 2 encoding and logical operators

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ASCII code: The standard ASCII code is encoded using a 7-bit binary code, and when the ASCII code is represented by 1 bytes (8-bit binary code), 1 0 is added at the highest bit.

An English letter takes up one byte

8-bit (bit) = = one byte (byte)





Unicode: in order to solve the problem of the globalization of ASCII, there was a unicode,unicode stipulation that a Chinese is expressed in 4 bytes, and an English is expressed in 1 bytes.

Utf-8: In fact, the upgrade version of Unicode, the provision of English with 1 bytes, Chinese characters are represented by 3 bytes.

Logical operators:

Logical operators have not,or, and.

The operation precedence of these operators is: () >not>and>or

Equal priority left-to-right start operation

For example:

 and or  and or 9 < 8)print(a)



conversion between INT and bool:

a=Int (True) B=int (False)print(A, B)



Rint (BOOL (1))print(bool (3))print(bool (0))



Interview questions:

1. Print (x or y), if X is true, the result is x. Otherwise the result is Y.


Print or 5)printor 8)print( -1or 0)

The result is:


2. Print (x and y), if X is true, the result is Y, and if Y is false, the result is X.


Print  and 5)print and 8)print and 0)

The result is:

Print or or  and or 2)

The result is:


 The use of in and not:


Sl="abcdefg"print("a" in SL) Print ("ad"in#"ad" is equivalent to an element as a whole, instead of "a" "B" being disassembled like this.) 



Title: The content of the commentary can not have sensitive words such as "Xi Big", "Kuomintang", "Chiang Kai-shek"


Comment=input ("Please enter a comment")if("XI greatly"inchComment)or("KMT" inchComment)or("Chiang Kai"inchcomment):Print("the comments contain sensitive words")Else:    Print("Comment Success")

Note: The key to this problem is that the sensitive word should be in comments instead of commet in sensitive words.


Python basic 2 encoding and logical operators

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