Python Basic Learning Notes (eight) common dictionary built-in functions and methods

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1. Basic Python Tutorial



Built-in functions for common operations dictionaries:

Serial Number functions and descriptions
1 CMP (Dict1, DICT2)
Compares two dictionary elements.
2 Len (dict)
Calculates the number of dictionary elements, that is, the total number of keys.
The output dictionary is a printable string representation.
4 Type (variable)
Returns the type of the variable entered and returns the dictionary type if the variable is a dictionary.

Common dictionary self-bringing method:

Serial Number functions and descriptions
1 Radiansdict.clear ()
Delete all elements in a dictionary
2 Radiansdict.copy ()
Returns a shallow copy of a dictionary
3 Radiansdict.fromkeys ()
Create a new dictionary with the keys to the dictionary in sequence seq, Val is the initial value corresponding to all keys in the dictionary
4 Radiansdict.get (Key, Default=none)
Returns the value of the specified key if the value does not return the default value in the dictionary
5 Radiansdict.has_key (Key)
Returns False if the key returns true in the dictionary Dict
6 Radiansdict.items ()
Returns an array of traversed (key, value) tuples as a list
7 Radiansdict.keys ()
Returns a dictionary of all keys in a list
8 Radiansdict.setdefault (Key, Default=none)
Similar to get (), but if the key does not already exist in the dictionary, the key will be added and the value will be set to default
9 Radiansdict.update (DICT2)
Update the key/value pairs of the dictionary dict2 to the Dict
10 Radiansdict.values ()
Returns all values in the dictionary as a list

Python Basic Learning Notes (eight) common dictionary built-in functions and methods

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