Python Basic Learning-set Collection

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#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-Set set unordered non-repeating sequence

SE = {"A", "B", "C"} #创建SET集合

Print (Type (SE))

Li = [1,2,2,3,4] #转换一个列表成SET Collection

SE1 = Set (LI) print (SE1)

SE2 = set ()

Se2.add (123); Se2.add (567); Print (SE2)



Print (s1.difference (S2)) #取得两个集合元素 Differences

Print (S2.difference (S1))

S3=s1.symmetric_difference (S2) # Get both sides set symmetric difference element

Print (S3)

S1.difference_update (S2) #带更新的功能 updated to S1

Print (S1)

S1.symmetric_difference_update (S2) #带更新功能更新到S1

Print (S1)

S1.discard (one) #移除指定元素 without errors if not included

S1.remove (#移除), if not included will be an error


Print (S3.pop ()) #删除 randomly delete returned objects

Print (s1.intersection (S2)) #取两个集合交集

Print (S1.isdisjoint (S2)) #判断是否有交集

Print (S1.issuperset (S2)) #S1是否包含S2

Print (s1.union (S2)) #并集

S1.update (S2) #添加可迭代的对象

Python Basic Learning-set Collection

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