Python basic syntax--string built-in functionality

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1.capitalize---The first letter to uppercase, if the first child is already uppercase or output the initial capitalization result


2.casefold---Uppercase to lowercase for all content

Example: Centered

Example: PS This example outputs 20 characters (containing the string "admin occupies 5 characters") and centers the string "admin"

4.count---The number of occurrences of a statistic, returning a positive integer type

Example: PS result 1: is a statistic specified from the 4th string to the 9th string (the string is calculated starting from position 0)

5.encode---code modification


6.endswith--Determines whether to return a bool value at the end of the specified string

Example: PS result 1: is specified from the 3rd string to the 5th string to determine whether the end character = "or", so returns a Boolean false (the string is calculated from position 0)


7.expandtabs---Converts the tab (\ T) in a string to a space, the default number of spaces Tabsize is 8 characters

Example: Conversion tab (\ t) is replaced by a space with a default of 8 spaces. Expandtabs (20) Specify the number of spaces

8.find---Find the location of the first string to match (you can also specify a lookup range, where the position is calculated from 0)


9.format---String formatting (equivalent to%s)


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Python basic syntax--string built-in functionality

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