Python Basics (iv)

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One. Adorner (a very important content)

Definition: The essence is a function, (decorating other functions) is to add other functions for other functions

Note: A. Cannot modify the source code of the decorated function,

B. You cannot modify the calling method of the decorated function.


A. The function is "variable" and assigns the function body to the function name.

B. Higher-order functions + nested functions >>>> decorators

C. Higher order functions: pass a function name as an argument to another function (without modifying the source code of the decorated function);

The return value contains the function name (without modifying the way the decorated function is called).

Import TimedefBar (): Time.sleep (3) Print('In the bar')defTest1 (func): Start_time=time.time () func ()#Run BarStop_time =time.time ()Print("The func run time is%s"% (Stop_time-start_time))#run time equals end time minus start timeTest1 (BAR)

Note: I don't understand this (hahaha)

# The return value contains the function name
Import timedef Bar (): time.sleep (3) print(' In the bar ' )def Test2 (func): print(func) return func#print (Test2 (bar))bar = test2 (bar) bar ()

d. Nested functions

A function is nested, and a function is declared inside the function, not a call to the
def foo ():     Print ("in thefoo")     def Bar ():         Print ("intne bar")    #函数的嵌套, declare a function inside the function, instead of calling     Bar () foo ()

x = 0def Grandpa (): = 1 def dad (): x=2 def son (): x=3 Print (x) son () dad () Grandpa ()
Run Result: 3

1 Import Time2USER,PASSWD ="Xiaolaizi","abc123"3 #Decorative Device4 defAuth (func):5     defWrapper (*args,**Kwargs):6Username = input ("Username:"). Strip ()#strip go to space7Password = input ("Password:"). Strip ()8 9         ifuser = = Username andpasswd = =Password:Ten             Print("\033[32;1muser has passed authentication\033[0m") Oneres = func (*args,**Kwargs) A             Print(20*'*') -             returnRes -         Else: theExit"\033[31;1muser have not passed authentication\033[0m") -     returnwrapper - defIndex ():#Define a home page -     Print("Welcome to Index page") +@auth#Local authentication @auth (auth_type = "local") - defHome ():#Define a landing page +     Print("Welcome to Home Page") A     return "From home" at@auth#Remote Authentication @auth (Auth_type = "LDAP") - defBBS ():#Define a forum area page -     Print("Welcome to BBS page") -  - index () - Print(Home ()) in #Home () -BBS ()
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Python Basics (iv)

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