Python chat Room

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Server-side Programs

1 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-2 #!/usr/bin/python3 """4 5 """6 ImportSocket7 ImportSYS8 ImportThreading9  TenCon =Threading. Condition () oneHOST = Raw_input ("input the server ' s IP adrress:")#symbolic name meaning all available interfaces aPORT = 8888#arbitrary non-privileged Port -data ="' -   thes =Socket.socket (socket.af_inet, Socket. Sock_stream) - Print 'Socket created' - s.bind ((HOST, PORT)) -S.listen (10) + Print 'Socket now listening' -   + #Function for handling Connections. this'll be used to create threads a defClientthreadin (conn, nick): at     GlobalData - #Infinite loop so, function does not terminate and thread does not end. -      whileTrue: -     #receiving from client -         Try: -temp = Conn.recv (1024) in             if  nottemp: - conn.close () to                 return + Notifyall (temp) -             PrintData the         except: *Notifyall (nick +"leaves the room!") $             PrintDataPanax Notoginseng             return -   the     #came out of loop +   a defNotifyall (sss): the     GlobalData +     ifCon.acquire (): -data =SSS $ Con.notifyall () $ con.release () -    - defclientthreadout (conn, nick): the     GlobalData -      whileTrue:Wuyi         ifCon.acquire (): the con.wait () -             ifData: wu                 Try: - conn.send (data) about con.release () $                 except: - con.release () -                     return -                       a   +  while1: the     #wait to accept a connection-blocking call -conn, addr =s.accept () $     Print 'Connected with'+ addr[0] +':'+ STR (addr[1]) theNick = Conn.recv (1024) the      #send only takes string the     #start new thread takes 1st argument as a function name to being run, second is the tuple of arguments to the function. theNotifyall ('Welcome'+ Nick +'To the room!') -     PrintData in     PrintStr ((threading.activecount () + 1)/2) +'person (s)!' the conn.send (data) theThreading. Thread (target = clientthreadin, args =(conn, nick)). start () aboutThreading. Thread (target = clientthreadout, args =(conn, nick)). start () the   theS.close ()

Client-side Programs

1 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-2 #/usr/bin/python3 4 """5 6 """7  8 ImportSocket9 ImportThreadingTen   one   aInstring ="' -Outstring ="' -Nick ="' the   - defdealout (s): -     Globalnick, outstring. -      whileTrue: +Outstring =raw_input () -outstring = Nick +': '+outstring + s.send (outstring) a   at defDealin (s): -     Globalinstring -      whileTrue: -         Try: -instring = S.recv (1024) -             if  notinstring: in                  break -             ifoutstring! =instring: to                 Printinstring +         except: -              break the           *   $Nick = Raw_input ("Input your nickname:")Panax NotoginsengIP = raw_input ("input the server ' s IP adrress:") -Sock =Socket.socket (socket.af_inet, Socket. Sock_stream) theSock.connect ((ip, 8888)) + sock.send (nick) a   theThin = Threading. Thread (target = dealin, args =(sock,)) + Thin.start () -Thout = Threading. Thread (target = dealout, args =(sock,)) $Thout.start ()

Run results

1 running the program on the server side

2 Client program Run results

Client Run Results

Python chat Room

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