Python Code fix Maya Renderview window not found problem

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Error:setParent:Object ' Renderview ' not found

This is a very common problem in the work, there are 10% of the probability of encountering, many occur when the other group to open the handover of the scene file, Use the following code when you are not able to resolve it either from the File menu open, or directly into Maya, or directly by double-clicking open ;

It was a Mel, and I rewritten her in Python, and it became Python code ~

ImportMaya.cmds as Mcexists=0getPan= Mc.getpanel (ScriptType ='Renderwindowpanel') forIteminchGetpan:ifitem = ='Renderview':        Print 'Renderview exists.\n'exists= 1ifexists = =0: forIteminchGetpan:PrintItem +'\ n'ifitem = ='RenderWindowPanel1': Mc.deleteui (renderWindowPanel1) Renderpanel= Mc.scriptpanel (type ='Renderwindowpanel', unparent =Renderview) Mc.scriptedpanel (ex= 1, L ="Renderpanel", RP ='Renderpanel')

Copy the code to Maya's script Editor, and press Ctrl+enter to execute;

Some people use the foreground rendering plug-in solution, in fact, the function of the foreground rendering plug-in is to solve the "only one frame" problem :

This code can also be added to Maya's tool shelves in the following steps:

In some companies, they take the special effects as the final part of the CG process (in fact, the special effects are established after modeling, you can begin to synchronize the production), after the model, animation, lighting, rendering open over the project files, handed to the special effects group hands will be filled with a variety of redundant nodes, and many people do not clean the scene habits This makes it easy for files to appear in various problems.

Python Code fix Maya Renderview window not found problem

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