Python: collection operation summary

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(1)Generate a set based on the listCombination:

Basket = ['apple', 'Orange ', 'apple', 'pear', 'Orange ', 'bana'] fruit = set (basket)

(2) generate a set based on the string:

A = set ('abracadaba ')

(3) intersection of sets: A & B

(4) Evaluate the set or: A | B or a | = B

(5) set variance or: A ^ B or a & = B

(6) set difference: A-B

(7) Length of the set: Len ()

(8) determine whether an element exists in the Set: If value in a or if value not in

(9) Judgment subset: A <= B or a> = B

(10) add element: S. Add (value)

(11) delete an element: it is best to use S. Discard (value). If S. Remove (value) is used, keyerror is not found;

(12) randomly fetch one element: S. Pop (). If no element exists, the keyerror occurs.

(13) clear: S. Clear ()

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