Python create two-dimensional code address Book

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Python QR code generation Library QRCode installation and use example:

vcard Format Parameters detailed description:

QR code generation tool: Http://

Preparation environment:

System version: CentOS release 6.5

Installing Pip:yum Install Python-pip

Installing QRCODE:PIP Install QRCode

Installation official website download package:

Install PIL: Download package: wget

To create a directory:

Project directory:/root/erweima

The entire directory structure is as follows,

[Email protected] erweima]# tree
















Code writing:

List part of the code

[email protected] erweima]# cat


Import Web

Import QRCode

Import time

From PIL import Image

URLs = (

'/', ' Index '


Render = Web.template.render (' templates ')

def Code (info):


Return Imgpath

Class Index (object):

def GET (self):

Return Render.index ()

def POST (self):

info = Web.input ()

Print Info

return Code (Info)

if __name__ = = ' __main__ ':

Web.application (Urls,globals ()). Run ()


Launch, page generation QR code

Use the account sweep code, inside is an address book, can save to phone address book. (QQ can also be swept)

Python create two-dimensional code address Book

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