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1)-connector +, for string links, when the definition str= "ABCD", the definition str2= "12345", Str3=str1+str2,print STR3, the result is abcd12345.
2 Len Method, the Len method can be used to calculate the length of the string, such as Len (STR3) =9.
3) * method, used in string, such as Str= ' abc ', will str1*2 result should be ' abcabc ', such as #*20 operation.
4 in method, indicating whether a character is included in the string, such as: ' G ' in (STR1) returns the result should be false. Note that you must enclose quotes, or you will be given an error. A in a=100 is a variable, and ' A ' is a string.
5 Max and Min methods to determine the maximum and minimum values in the string, a1= ' 12345 ', Max (A1) =5,min (A1) =1.a2= ' ABCD ', max (a2) = ' d ', min (a2) = ' a '.
6 CMP method, comparing two string sizes, the format is CMP (A,B), A>b is 1,a<b, then -1,a=b 0, for example: str1= ' 12345 ', str2= ' ABCDE ', CMP (STR1,STR2) =- 1, indicating that str1 is smaller than str2; similarly, cmp (STR2,STR1) = 1, when the same, the value is 0.
7) Tuples: Tuples can store a series of data, the data types can be different, and the way to use slices to obtain, in parentheses, such as data (' Paul ', ' Male '), get the first element of the tuple, data[0]= Paul. When you define 1 elements, you also save the ', ' number in parentheses, such as data1= (1,), which uses type to view the data type as Tuple,type, or =tuple, as data1= (1), and the type of data1 is int.
8) Tuple assignment: The elements in the tuple, can not be modified by slicing, if you want to modify, you need the entire tuple content to be assigned again, such as: usr= (' Ben ', ', ' Male '), usr[1]=30, the system will error, can be assigned, usr= (' Emily ', 25,female).
9 The content of the tuple, NAME,AGE,SEX=USR, output name,age,sex content, can obtain Ben,20,male data values, its form with nam,age,sex= (' Ben ', 20,male) way, When assigning values to the data in a tuple, the contents of the tuple must be consistent before and after, and the data in parentheses should be quoted in quotation marks, such as a,b,c,d= (E,f,g,h), a,b,c,d= (' e ', ' f ', ' G '), a,b,c= (' A ', ' B ') are all errors.

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