Python Django Bulk Import non-repeating data

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This article for you to share the Python Django batch import non-repeating data implementation code for your reference, the specific content is as follows

The procedure is as follows:

#coding: Utf-8 import os os.environ.setdefault ("Django_settings_module", "www.settings") ' DJANGO When the version is greater than or equal to 1.7, you need to add the following two clauses import djangodjango.setup () otherwise it will throw an error django.core.exceptions.AppRegistryNotReady:Models aren ' t Loaded yet. " Import Djangoimport Datetimeif Django. VERSION >= (1, 7): #自动判断版本 Django.setup () from keywork.models import devdata f = open (' cs.csv ') worklist = []next (f) #将文件标 Remember to move to the next line x = y = 0for lines in f:parts = Line.replace (' "', ') #将字典中的" replace empty parts = Parts.split (', ') #按; Slice the string if Devdata.obje Cts.filter (serv_id = parts[0],day_id=parts[24]). Exists (): x = x + 1 else:y = y + 1 worklist.append (Devdata (serv_id=par Ts[0], serv_state_name=parts[1], acc_nbr=parts[2], user_name=parts[3], acct_code=parts[4], product_id=parts[5], mkt_ CHNL_NAME=PARTS[6], mkt_chnl_id=parts[7],mkt_region_name=parts[8], mkt_region_id=parts[9],mkt_grid_name=parts[10 ], sale_man=parts[11],sale_outlets_cd1_name=parts[12], completed_time=parts[13],remove_data=parts[14], user_flag=       PARTS[15],PRO_FLAG=PARTS[16], service_offer_id=parts[17],service_offer_name=parts[18], finish_time=parts[19],staff_name= PARTS[20], staff_code=parts[21],org_name=parts[22],prod_offer_name=parts[23],day_id=parts[24]) f.close () DevD Ata.objects.bulk_create (worklist) print "Duplicate data" +STR (x) + "bar, import data successfully" +str (y) + "bar"

This paper mainly uses the model exists () to determine whether the import data and database is duplicated, if not repeat, use bulk_create batch Import database!

A reference to my other article: Bulk Import Data

The above is the whole content of this article, I hope that everyone's study has helped.

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