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1. Parser: Parse the requested data-the request body for parsing. The parser is not called when you do not take the request body data.

classUsersview (apiview):defGet (self,request,*args,**Kwargs):returnResponse ('...')    defPost (self,request,*args,**Kwargs):## Application/json        #print (request._request.body) # B "xxxxx" Decode () Json.loads        #Print (request._request. POST) # None        #when the data format of the POST request is Application/json, Request._request.body has a value, and request._request. Post does not have a value        #we're going to get the data through Decode + json.loads.                ## Www-form-url-encode        #print (request._request.body)        #Print (request._request. POST)        #when the data format of the POST request is Www-form-url-encode, Request._request.body and Request._request. Post has a value                        #and when we use the rest framework is often sent in the JSON format of data, then we have to so much trouble to convert, the answer is certainly not        #you can set parser_classes                 fromRest_framework.parsersImportJsonparser,formparserclassUsersview (Apiview): Parser_classes=[Jsonparser,formparser] #表示服务端可以解析的数据格式的种类.
#如果客户端的Content-type value and Application/json match: jsonparser processing data
#如果客户端的Content-type value and application/x-www-form-urlencoded match: formparser processing data
defGet (self,request,*args,**Kwargs):returnResponse ('...') defPost (self,request,*args,**Kwargs) is processing the converted data {' name ': ' xxx ', ' age ': ' Print( print(request. FILES)
          Print(request. POST)
return Response (' ... ')

     # Global use: Configuration files are generally used by default with global configuration
Rest_framework = {
' Default_parser_classes ': [
' Rest_framework.parsers.JSONParser ',
' Rest_framework.parsers.FormParser ',

2. print( source code

classRequest (object): @propertydefdata (self):if  not_hasattr (Self,'_full_data'):
#调用_load_data_and_files Method Self._load_data_and_files ()returnSelf._full_datadef_load_data_and_files (self):if not_hasattr (Self,'_data'):
#调用_parse method Self._data, Self._files=Self._parse ()def_parse (self):
#调用 the Select_parser method of the Defaultcontentnegotiation class, see below Parser= Self.negotiator.select_parser (self, self.parsers)#self.parser = configured object list for resolved classes at the time of package request #self.negotiator = self._default_negotiator () = Api_settings. Default_content_negotiation_class () if notparser:#if the return none description does not match, throws an exception Raiseexceptions. Unsupportedmediatype (media_type)Try: #match succeeds, the corresponding parse class object calls the Parse methodparsed =Parser.parse (Stream, Media_type, Self.parser_context)classdefaultcontentnegotiation (basecontentnegotiation):defSelect_parser (self, request, parsers): forParserinchparsers:#determines whether the object of the resolved class and the content_type of the request match ifmedia_type_matches (Parser.media_type, request.content_type):returnParserreturnNone Take Jsonparser for exampleclassJsonparser (baseparser): Media_type='Application/json'Renderer_class=renderers. Jsonrenderer Strict=api_settings. Strict_jsondefParse (self, stream, Media_type=none, parser_context=None):Try: #和我们自己处理是一个原理#First decodeDecoded_stream =Codecs.getreader (encoding) (stream) Parse_constant= Json.strict_constantifSelf.strictElseNone#again load returnJson.load (Decoded_stream, parse_constant=parse_constant)exceptValueError as exc:RaiseParseError ('JSON Parse Error-%s'% Six.text_type (exc))

Python-django REST Framework Framework Parser

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