Python DNS parsing and service detection

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Recently looking at Liu Tians's Python automation operations, according to Ms. Liu's ideas, record a DNS polling and service detection chestnut, as a learning note.

#!/usr/bin/env python

Import Dns.resolver

Import OS

Import Httplib

IPList = []//define an empty list to hold the resolved IP address

AppDomain = ""//define Business domain name

def get_iplist (domain= "")://Establish an IP address function method to obtain DNS resolution

try:a = dns.resolver.query (domain, ' a ')//a record of resolving domain names

Except Exception,e:

Print "DNS resolver error:" +str (E)


For I in A.response.answer://resolves the address of a record

For J in I.items:

Iplist.append (j.address)//Add the acquired address to the list

Return True

def checkip (IP):

checkurl=ip+ ": 80"//check whether the IP server's 80 port service is healthy

Httplib.socket.setdefaulttimeout (5)//define HTTP Link timeout time is 5 seconds

Conn=httplib. Httpconnection (Checkurl)//Create an HTTP link object


Conn.request ("GET", "/", headers = {"Host": appdomain})//Initiate URL request, add Main head

R=conn.getresponse ()

GetContent = (15)//Gets the first 15 characters of the URL page to make the availability check


If getcontent== "<!doctype html>"://the contents of the Monitoring URL page are generally defined beforehand

Print ip+ "[OK]"//HTTP 200 status


Print ip+ "[Error]"

If __name__== "__main__":

If Get_iplist (AppDomain) and Len (iplist) >0://condition, domain name resolution returns at least one IP

For IP in IPList:

Checkip (IP)


Print "DNS resolver error."

Run Result: [OK]

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Python DNS parsing and service detection

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