Python: File Operations Summary file basic operations

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First, the operation process of the document

1. Open the file, get the file handle and assign a value to a variable

2. Manipulate the file through a handle

3. Close the file

Second, the opening and closing of the file

A, open--open function of the file

Syntax: Open (File[,mode[,buffering[,encoding[,errors[,newline[,closefd=true]]])

[Parameter description]:

file--file location + file name, need to add quotation marks [note]: If the location of the file is not specified, it is in the current folder by default

Open mode of the mode--file

buffering--can take 0, 1, greater than 1 integers or negative numbers

negative TD style= "Text-align:center" >
buffering value action
0 < Span style= "font-size:14px" > Access files without a deposit (buffer)
1 The line is stored when the file is accessed Buffer (used in text mode only)
integers greater than 1
The buffer size of the storage area when accessing the file is system default

encoding--indicates what encoding is used for the returned data, typically using Utf-8 or GBK

errors--value generally have strict, ignore, when taking strict, character encoding if there is a problem will be error, when the Ignore, the character encoding if there is a problem, the program will ignore, continue to execute the following program

newline--can be obtained with a value of none,\n,\r,\r\n; used to differentiate line breaks, but this parameter is valid only for text mode

closefd--can take true or FALSE, which is true by default

Value of CLOSEFD Role
True The file parameter passed in is the filename

The file parameter is passed to the file descriptor (the file descriptor is a non-negative integer, and a file descriptor is returned in the UNIX kernel's system, when a file is opened)

Python: File Operations Summary file basic operations

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