Python first stage Learn how to learn python well

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Learning Python has been 1.5 months of time, has completed the first stage of learning, on this stage of learning to do the following summary. First look at what problems exist.

  First of all, the contents of the class can not be timely digestion needs to review exercises in time.

The first stage of the main content of the basic knowledge of Python and MySQL operation, for some of the class of computer science or fresh students, should be no problem, but for a real 0 basic and older students of me, still some difficulty. The first half is no problem, the same easy, but to object-oriented, class, encapsulation function is a bit chaotic, mainly sometimes can not be in the class timely digestion, it is likely that the teacher at the end of a knowledge point to another point of knowledge, I also think about the previous knowledge point. But the problem is not big, I generally will temporarily put down this knowledge point, continue to listen to the teacher will be new knowledge points, and then use the class, after class time to see, to practice until the real understanding of knowledge points.

  Second, often found in front of the study behind forgotten.

As the more backward, in doing some relatively comprehensive programming, often use the previously learned points of knowledge. It is possible that the knowledge points in the study at that time remember very hard, but now can't think of, even just have the impression, need to manually check the notes or code, I think this problem in many students will exist, I myself appear this problem is very simple, that is, the code is less, such as high school, many formulas, Some have not forgotten, is because the school time repeatedly to do the problem, repeated back, the accumulation of the cumulative impression, so the code is the same.

  How to solve the above problem?

To solve this problem, and in line with the current Python market needs, we can spend a few hours each day doing a few fixed small projects to consolidate our various knowledge points, such as the banking system, web crawler (data capture). The banking system has roughly 10 functions, and we can do two functions a day, a loop for a few days. About crawlers, every day to find some of their own websites, such as stocks, funds, jokes, news categories can be. In addition, the individual think that MySQL technology in the market demand is still very objective, so every day can also do MySQL operation, especially when the SQL statement we have to remember, because the SQL statement applies to a variety of databases.

The above-mentioned personal summary of their first stage, including their own problems and their own way to solve the problem, I hope to learn Python's small partners have a little help.

Python first stage Learn how to learn python well

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